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The NAC National Training Centre

We are the UK’s Largest CPD Accredited Domestic Appliance Repair Training Centre for both new entrants wanting to join the industry via our 10 Day intensive Foundation Training and for existing Engineers wanting to expand skill-sets. 

All of our CPD Accredited Courses start in a clean, modern, air conditioned classroom environment where we will present our theory training via our self developed, very modern and up-to-date PowerPoint Presentations. For all courses, all theory presentations cover all aspects of the practical training we will move on to including – Safety, Identifying, understanding and testing of components related to the product type that we are covering.

Who are NAC? Quite simply, NAC is now the largest independent, self generating, self sufficient National Service Provider in the UK currently booking and administrating thousands of repairs nation-wide, month after month. NAC has grown from a small business providing a handful of Engineers work on a daily basis to now having a 200+ Network of Engineers, made up of Employed and Self-Employed Engineers. If you have found this website because you are looking in to training to be a Domestic Appliance Engineer, or you are currently in the trade but want further training / expansion of skill-sets, then you have landed in the right place – there really is nowhere better to start!

Our CPD Accredited Training Courses

Why Choose NAC?

CPD Accredited Centre

We are the largest CPD Accredited Training Provider for Domestic Appliance Repair Training in UK

Experienced Trainers

Between the 3 NAC Trainers, we have over 60 Years of combined knowledge and experience

Develop your Business

Once you leave the Training Centre, we can assist in the process of going Self-Employed

Popular Courses

We discuss the repair to all major brands including...

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"We are the UK's Largest CPD Accredited Domestic Appliance Repair Training Centre for new entrants  wanting to join the industry via our 10 Day intensive Foundation Training"

Meet Our Instructors

Meet our instructors! Ade, Dan and Ade (yes - 2 Ade's) have around 50 years of combined repair experience and can pass on expertise
in a number of different fields. Click on an Instructor to read a little about them.

David has been involved with the industry since the late nineties and joined Comet in 2000 and gained a vast understanding of multi-brand servicing. David has worked for BSH and Miele before joining NAC.

David Ling

Specialist Refrigeration Engineer

Dan started out with GDHA before moving to Miele and then on to NAC. Da is trained to work on F-Gas systems, is Gas Safe Registered is passionate about electrical safety.

Dan Jackson

Gas Safe Engineer

Adrian spent many years as an independent repairer before working with Manufacturers and Nationwide Service Providers before joining NAC. Adrian is passionate about site safety and field training.

Adrian Summerfield

Nationwide Field Trainer

Although there is a very serious side to training, we are all very down to earth at the Training Centre and we can have a laugh too! We recently made a small introduction video for our homepage one Saturday morning and ended up with some bloopers that needed editing out. We thought rather than delete them, why not post them… So here they are… 




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